What would it take to make an Atheist believe in God?

I was stumbling and happened to stumble on this site. It basically asks what it would take to make an Atheist believe in God.

My answer, as an Atheist is evidence. Evidence that a God exists or ever existed. There is none, at all. The bible proves nothing either, all it proves is some loony wrote a bunch of nonsense a long time ago and people got brainwashed (which is what religion is all about, brainwashing you to believe their views and only theirs). If someone can post hard evidence that God exists then I’ll gladly change my views about God, and I don’t mean your prayers got answered because that doesn’t necessarily mean divine intervention, it means coincidence.

I’d like to hear your views. What would make you believe in God (if you’re an atheist)?

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50 Responses

  1. Since you won’t approve the comment on your blog for some reason I’ll reply here.

    Actually Einstein did not believe in God.
    See here.

    There is no evidence which is why we can’t see it.

  2. I don’t like organized religion. I see it as you do. Just another control system put in place to keep people subservient to a ruling class. In this case the priest class. Though I hold that position with many other institution.

    People who believe in God do so because they want to, and judging from the responses posted on the linked page people who don’t believe do so for the same reason.

    Many of the examples given as, “required for proof” could be easily achieved by a sufficiently advanced species, or single being. Anything supernatural once observed, and the processes understood, would no longer be supernatural. Then any “proof” would immediately void itself as such, because it would become natural and known.

    People will “believe” as they see fit, and I will not begrudge them their beliefs so long as they return the courtesy.

  3. Many Christian believers do not like organized religion either. Christianity, as brought into this world by Jesus Christ, is NOT an organized religion. It is a way of life, and a new life.

  4. This is how I began my reply, “Judging by the amount of Christian denomination churches that freckle the American landscape I would have to disagree, but I could find my way to agreement if I knew what point of reference you are using when you use the word “many.” After searching for numbers this is what I have come up with.

    The most recent census numbers have 79.8% of the US population identifying as Christian, but the number who regularly attend church services is much lower. Also there are two different numbers. Gallup lists 41%, and ReligiousTolerance.org lists 21% Based on this cursory search I would have to say you are perhaps correct.

    Though if this is truly the case I would wonder how all these churches can keep their doors open considering they rely mainly on donations.

  5. hmm… believe it or not, some “churches” are people who meet in homes the way the NT church did, and their ministers are unschooled, homeless, and without pay. they are cared for by the congregation. these things really keep costs down, and trust me, there’s no collection plate.

  6. All I would need to believe in a true god would be for him to come down and ship all the religious nuts off to “heaven” leaving his creations the earth a nice and wonderful place without bias hatred and and religious conflict. God, what a great place this would be if all the fundamentalists from every religion got to go to their heaven, and we could all just chill here. Then I’d believe.

  7. That would indeed make a nice earth, wouldn’t it.

  8. Though it obviously does not suffice, judging by your post, I would submit that the evidence is all around us:

    ‘For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.’ (Romans 1:20)

    Ultimately, however, our eyes are shut and hearts heardened so much so that only the work of the Holy Spirit (which you apparently dismissed in your post) can convert our hearts. No amount of browbeating, aplogetics, or debating can do it–so I won’t even make the attempt.

  9. What would it take for me, as an atheist, to believe in god? Proof? I mean, if there were indeed some omnipotent, all knowing, all powerful being out there floating in the cosmosphere somewhere, how much effort would it take on his part to give a little proof. One quick appearance here on earth to clear up all the questions? None. Has it ever happened? Not!

    I won’t even go into the whole bible-schmible crap. It’s a book, people…just like Harry Potter is from a book, should I be worshipping Harry Potter since he exists in a book? I think not.

    All I can add to the above is that it takes those of rational mind to give up the idea of some afterlife and holy being that will love us and take care of us for all of eternity. It takes a rational mind to accept the fact that we only have one life, this is it, so you damn well better make the best of it.

    Nuff said.

    But hey, if god drops in, be sure to let me know. lol

  10. ninepoundhammer,
    I take it you’re a Christian and I thank you for not trying to force your views onto others.

    I completely agree with your post.

  11. Evidence is certainly correct. That or a religious experience of some kind.

  12. What would it take me to believe in God?

    Let’s start with a world without evil. To quote Epicurus:
    “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”
    I use “evil” in the definite, Christian sense of the word, as I myself do not believe in a concrete judgment of good and evil.

    Aside from that, any logical or physical proof would suffice. For a religion based so heavily on supernatural occurrences, I have yet to hear of one.

  13. I must admit a bit of incredulity at many of the comments regarding proof of God. It is said that an ‘appearance’ would suffice; yet I don’t understand why Jesus’ appearance is insufficient. He entered history for a purpose and witnesses recorded it.

    If that event were to have happened to-day, were witnessed and attested to, and were recorded, would it necessarily be unbelivable at a later date because ‘it is just in a book’ which was written centuries before? What is the statute of limitations on believability? (In other words, are all antiquities immediately suspect due to their time of origin?)

    What would be the preferred method for preserving the account and passing it along to posterity?

  14. I’m a believer and I am not in a church. But I can understand all those ‘non-believers’, ’cause I was one of them. What pi**es me really off is still, that every atheist believes, the christians or every other religious person is OK with the institution called religion. We are not!
    Believing in God is nothing you prove with evidence, except your heart. And it is nothing that is wanted to be proofed. And if you can’t believe in something without proof, than it’s ok. That’s my opinion!
    But as I told a good friend of mine, who is Atheist, too:
    Do you believe in anything? Do you believe in the music you listen too, do you believe in the love to your family or friends, do you believe in your success in jobs? Do you? Well then you’re a believer!
    I think, it doesn’t have to be this ONE god, I don’t think it has anything to do with believing in a non-reachable person at all. It has to do with believing. This is the most important word of the subject. If you believe, then you do, and nobody can destroy it, not a conservative religious guy, not an atheist. And that’s what we all should stick to.

  15. oh wise Epicurus, how did you know what “evil” means, except God gave you a handful of brains? an even more difficult question is, how came you to possess some sort of moral law where YOU can judge logically. (have you been studying Moses’ tablets when we weren’t watching???).

    hint: the farmer doesn’t till, weed, sow, and fertilize ALL of his soil! he needs a road to drive on, a place to dump the compost, a place to store his tractor, and a place to behead chickens. so you don’t have life inside you? maybe you should go talk to the farmer about that and leave the ripe fields alone!

  16. Fox: you are right; true Christianity isn’t about religion or “church buildings”. It’s not even a part of our life. It *is* our life. Fellowship with others (Heb 10:25) is still important, though. If we’re the bride of Christ then we should probably find unity and fellowship with each other sometime before we die.

  17. For me to accept any religion as being plausible the holy figure would have to confront me and prove their/his/her/its supernatural ability. Anything short of that is meaningless.

  18. Have you read the book “Jim & Casper Go To Church”?
    It is written by Jim Henderson and Matt Casper.
    Matt Casper is an atheist and makes some great points in his writing…worth a read.
    The evidence is in Life Change.
    It is not about religion it is about relationship.

    What is your HOPE? Why get up every day?
    What is your purpose? You must believe something.
    God loves you no matter what you think or don’t believe.

  19. I’d respect an atheist’s view more if they didn’t think the religious folk were all brainwashed and stupid. I don’t see many Christians going around calling Atheists despicable assholes. It’s not their way, it’s not playing dirty by dishing out insults.

    By the way, I’m not Christian. Having an opinion against atheism doesn’t mean that I have to be Christian. Or believe in a God.

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  21. pauljub,

    Interesting analogy. I don’t think it really relates to anything here, but allow me to take a modest stab at it…

    The farmer [God, I’m assuming?] ” needs a road to drive on, a place to dump the compost, a place to store his tractor, and a place to behead chickens.” Wow, that sure is a needy farmer! He NEEDS a lot of things.

    Fortunately for God he’s omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. He doesn’t need anything. He doesn’t need a road to drive on or a garage for his tractor or a compost heap or a guillotine for his chickens, and he certainly doesn’t need you, your worship, or your love. In fact, he doesn’t even WANT to love you because he’s perfectly satisfied in just being what he is: PERFECT. COMPLETE. INFINITE. ABSOLUTE.

    So, what are you talking about, exactly?

  22. Why don’t you try praying and ask Him to reveal Himself to you?

  23. If God exists then there would be no atheists.

  24. Why is it that atheists have so many comments about GOD, when they don’t believe in GOD?

    As children, we may have believed in the tooth fairy, in the Easter Bunny, in Santa, and if we had the opportunity to, we hear Bible stories, and we learned about and believe in God. As we grew up, we found out the tooth fairy wasn’t real, because when our teeth come out, we eventually knew the money came from our parents. We know that bunnies, like Santas, are in malls and street corners, and that the Easter basket, or presents, again, came from our parents.

    Over time, no matter what nuturing we give to the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, or Santa, that event or season passes and we come to know the truth. We can touch the “Easter Bunny”, “Santa”, find glitter or money from the Tooth Fairy….and then see “them” out of costume.

    GOD doesn’t stop being; we see God everywhere, more maturely than we did as children probably, but GOD only stops being real if WE CUT the connection. GOD is not imaginary, or contrived, or convenient. The evidence of God is your heartbeat. Explain that.

  25. As far as I’m concerned, I do not need any form of evidence to make me believe god exists. It would be more enough if it were just ‘likely’ that god exists. It is, however, very unlikely and with every passing day when science provides more and more answers about life, existence and time it becomes more unlikely.

  26. I’ve been thinking about this post and reading the comments and it leads my rational thinking mind to ponder…

    Let’s say I’ve decided to “believe”. I am now a true believer, not one of those cherry pickers that just chooses which parts look best to me and fits into the life I want to lead but a full-fledged, bible thumping, sock-it-to-me-jesus BELEIVER! Being so, I have to go by the words of the bible, right?

    Well, the obvious goal of being a believer is to get through those pearly gates and into heaven to be with god. But, being as though I’m now a believer, how do I get there?

    Well, if you follow the words of the bible (and you don’t get to cherry pick here, folks), then you have a HUGE list of things to do…love god, love your neighbor, follow the ten commandments (including honoring your parents), sell everything (Luke 18:18-22), follow jesus, HATE your family, your life and your parents (HUH? but Luke 14:26-33 says so), eat flesh and drink blood (getting a little gory here, but okay), be as little children, be born again, follow the laws (all 613 of them) of the bible BETTER than the Pharisees did (keep in mind that these include things like stoning your children at the town square if they misbehave..but hey, it’s the law); believe in god and that jesus was his son (John 3:16)…this would be the only one that most like to believe gets them into heaven.

    So, if we actually believe and don’t cherry pick, how many christians are getting into heaven? Well, if you’re sitting there reading this then you obviously own a computer so you’ve yet to sell everything and I’m not sure how you honor your parents and hate them at the same time, so you’re as doomed as I am as a non-believer.

    But hey, you can cherry pick and just choose the rules you like, disregard the rest and get some wonderful peace of mind by convincing yourself that you’re heaven bound.

    Those are just my thoughts.

    That just doesn’t work for me.

  27. @ lisaheidrich,
    No, I haven’t read the book. Thanks for recommending it.

    I hope the world will be peaceful, if that’s what you mean.

    @ badcastd,
    You’re saying Christians don’t think Atheists are stupid? I beg to differ.

    @ bath salt,
    Lol, thanks for stopping by :P.

    @ LP,
    Thanks for your comment.

    @ gavin,
    I don’t see that happening. I’ve tried when I was younger but to no avail. It would be easier to just show up and prove to everyone he/she/it exists.

    @ zorra,
    You’re saying the Easter Bunny, tooth fairy and Santa don’t exist but God does? Be real. If one invisible being exists then the others do. It’s stupid to say one exists but the others don’t.
    You said if you cut the connection it stops being real. So you cut the connection for the tooth fairy, Santa and the Easter Bunny.
    If someone truly believes in pixies, unicorns and invisible sock stealing gnomes then it should be real? Or do you need a book like the bible to make it really believable?

    Thank you for your input.

  28. Thank you frayed. Really liked your comment and I agree.

    Never would have thought this post would have gotten so many replies.

  29. frayededges:
    You are misunderstanding the message in the Bible. The instructions regarding keeping the law are meant to show us how we CANNOT do that (due to our sinful nature) and pointing us to Jesus–who DID perfectly keep the Law and served as our penal substitute, satisfying God’s holy justice.

    Our obedience in obeying His commandments is a RESPONSE to His mercy. We cannot earn our way to heaven; we can only get there through the work of Christ.

    Also, I would urge those who describe themselves as atheists to carefully consider this: Don’t confuse Christians with Christianity. We are still sinners and imperfect–constantly in need of God’s grace. Our shortcomings and failures should no more cast a pall over the purity of true religion than Britney Spears should reflect upon the efficacy of music.

  30. In re: ninepoundhammer…

    How can you say that I’m misunderstanding the message in the bible when it is the very book that all of christianity is based upon? The message is quite clear. Jesus even says those are the things that you MUST do to enter into heaven and to have eternal life. I don’t know how much more plain it would have to be than that.

    Obedience to the commandments would make them more “suggestions” than commandments, wouldn’t you agree? I mean the very definition of “commandment” is, according to Websters: 1. An order or injunction given by authority; a command; a charge; a precept; a mandate.

    This is not an attack on you or any other believers, so don’t misconstrue my debate and my thoughts as such, but your comment leads me back to the entire cherry picking that I mentioned so often in my previous comment. I come from a christian background and lived through the days of having the belief fed to me that all I had to do was just live by John 3:16 and everything would be find and dandy. It was only when I grew older and began to research that I found there was so much more to the whole “get into heaven” deal.

    This god you speak of is supposedly perfect and omnipotent, correct? Then why all the contradictions throughout the bible. This god of love so many speak of, in the very bible that christianity is based upon, is the same one that ordered the deaths of more peoples (Samaria, etc) than Hitler.

    Now lets throw in there that you are also ordered to murder. As one of hundreds of examples, take a look at Exodus 31:16…”For six days work is to be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, holy to the Lord. Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day must be put to death.” Sounds simple to me.

    And I’m sure I’ll hear how that is Old Testement and is done away with but let me remind you, 1 Peter 1:24-25 says “The grass withers and the flowers fall but the word of the Lord stands forever.” Guess if you consider the bible to be the word of god then you don’t get to cherry pick about which parts are okay to obey and which parts to do away with, don’t you think. That’s pretty plain to me.

    I will leave you on this note…The top ten religions of the world are as follows:
    There are literally thousands of religions being practiced today. Here are 20 of the most popular, along with an estimate of the number of followers:

    1. Christianity: 2.1 billion
    2. Islam: 1.3 billion
    3. Hinduism: 900 million
    4. Chinese traditional religion: 394 million
    5. Buddhism: 376 million
    6. African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million
    7. Sikhism: 23 million
    8. Juche: 19 million
    9. Spiritism: 15 million
    10. Judaism: 14 million

    I would have to say that if you believe in the christian god then that would mean you’ve chosen to reject Allah, Buddha, and all of the thousands of other gods that other people of the world worship.

    So, in the fine words of Stephen F. Roberts, “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”


  31. This is hardly a venue which lends itself to a deep discussion of the Bible/ Christianity. Suffice it to say, I stand by my statement that you misunderstand the thrust of the Bible’s message. (Many Christians do, too–so you’re in good company.)

    While I’ll admit that, at a cursory glance, there are APPARENT contradictions, a thorough study of the Scriptures demonstrate why the several passages are not contradictory at all. But again, this is not the best arena for that in-depth and lengthy discussion.

    Keep in mind, also, it does not follow that, because there are many religions in the world, that none of them can be true (though, theoretically, they could all be untrue). Because Flat-Earthers exist doesn’t mean that the Earth cannot be round. Put another way: if Christianity is ‘A’, belief by others in B, C, and/ or D does not automatically validate ‘Not A’.

  32. Some atheists remind me of the Pharisees of Jesus’ time. They call Him a liar, yet they cannot resist flocking around Him. Sounds like believers in denial.

    Why don’t you try what my atheist friend did; he read the Bible cover-to-cover in eight days, in preparation for his lengthy rebuttal to his Christian friend. In the end, he chose to be honest with himself and believed in Jesus the Savior. (Maybe it isn’t recommended behavior then… could some ancient manuscript have more impact on your life than a contemporary gaze into the black holes?)

  33. First of all, and that’s just my opinion, I think there is just one God. Every religion has another name, other privileges, other rules. But they all believe in a God. Ok, the ancient greek and the roman empire, e.g., had several gods, but it’s just a visualization of several attitudes like love or hate, envy or betrayal, ’cause that’s what the people back there needed. They didn’t have tv, WWW, even books. So this is how it all started, and of course, like everything else, things change.

    And it’s not like, ‘Oh, he’s more God for the Christians, than for others!’ God is not a person, who can show up and say ‘Hey there! What’s your problem? Let me help you!’ God is a spirit; not out there somewhere, he’s a spirit inside of you. He just listens to you and your sorrows, he doesn’t answer, he’s just there for you. And by the way, I don’t have a problem if he would be a she, for that matters.
    And now let’s put it in another way: If a guitar player has a bad day, he grabs his guitar and let’s say he just writes the best song in his life. That is his religion, his believing. His little tiny baby is his goddes, and that’s what he needs to get through his daily life. And so every person has something different to believe in. And during time, a lot of people united their thoughts and out of it, also during the time, a religion was born. But no one really needs you to put into a religion, because others do so. If you have something else, then you are nearly the same, as the big part of religious followers.
    I have read the bible the first time, when I was seven, just because I was interested, I wasn’t raised religious. Now I have read it several times (I’m 26) and there are just phrases, you can use for yourself. Everyone has other phrases and you just can picture them, not always state them word-by-word, but I, as a christian, would never completly stick to the book. To be religious, doesn’t mean to be and act blind. It’s quite the opposite.
    I don’t know how the christians act in America, but here in Germany, it’s really relaxing handled, especially if you look back 60 years, there are a lot of changes, and in my generation, I would say nearly everyone makes their own rules about believing, which is totally ok. But no matter what religion they stick to, whoever I met, we have one in common. We believe in something or like some would like to say, in someone. And if we all would think a lot more about this fact, war & terrorism out of religious differences won’t be such a big problem. No matter if it is in iraq or in Northern Ireland.
    If you say you are an atheist and don’t believe, then that’s fine with me. But don’t critisize me for doing. It your a muslim, ok, tell me about it, I’m interested, but don’t push me to another kind of believing. Not if I don’t show interest. Why can’t we all act like this. It’s not that hard.

    Greetings from beautiful Berlin,

  34. Responce to Fox
    First of many cultures switch to the “one supreme god” idea long before monotheism- grew out of their political ideas (male emperor- male god, see the connection). There are exceptions- Hinduism has three major gods it is a minor point of contention (they kill over it) which is superior.

    A spirit inside you is possesion or a delusion. In addition the god of christiandom is different from others- he started out as the favored god as the israelis. But Christains have added on alot- do you think the Jews thought Jovenah was all-loving? None of the origional versions were, but it is a fast way to make a popular belief- pander to the people.

    You just destroyed the meaning of religion- congadulations. You believe people have emotions which is a surprise because all this time I thought people were unfeeling robots.

    I don’t believe in anything. I have a cause (antitheism), but I don’t believe in it- I know there is good odds it will fail. I fight for it because it is the right thing to do.

    I find it odd you don’t “stick to the book”. Does that mean you don’t believe the Bible is divinely inspired? If so, than why do you believe it?

    And if people all embraced the communist revolution and united under one flag the same thing will happen. We need solutions that will work- at least in the short run. Because in the long run we’ll be dead!

    I will criticze. You are adding and abepting fundamentalists by making “faith” an acceptable way to do things. You are implicatly saying reason, evidance, even clarity in grammer are irrelevant. You are openly stating that you don’t care to think!

    You know why we can’t act like this? Because there are people who actually believe what they say they believe- if you don’t believe in the literal word of book x you will go to hell. You must do these things in order to avoid that. Non-believers must die. It isn’t a coincidence that Muslim terrorists have been well educated- the more educated is the greater the odds they are an “extremist”, acting on their belief.

    A more concrete and below the belt example would be Nazis- you simply cannot coexist with them. The tolerance you preach is poisoned- it ends when those who don’t believe in it sieze power and slaught the opposition. Meekness in the face of evil is no virtue, and extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice- or have you Europeans lost your spine? Forgotten what it means to be free? Forgotten what people who believe, truely believe in the righteousness of their cause so much they refuse to think will do? Did your school fail to teach you words like Stazi, Red Brigade, 30 years war, reeducation cente, torturer and the like mean? Rest assured you will have the… personal oppurtunity to find out- or do you take the Islamic worlds words at their face value?

    Think I’m paranoid? When you have to worry about 10% of your population being openly treasonous we have gone past paranoid into realism- may 2030 be a good year for you…

  35. hi Fox,
    i think you’re right, gender is virtually meaningless with God.
    right, Christianity definitely isn’t a religion, it’s a way of life, it’s a new life in Christ. it’s not about rituals and traditions, and believe it or not, it isn’t about “trying to be a good person” like so many people think. when we receive new life, the elder nature (human nature) serves the younger (Christ) nature, and we become overcomers. we are not immune to sin, but we are no longer in the habit of it, as we once were, and are now ashamed of.
    correct me if i’m wrong, but i got the impression that you’re hinting that God is found by various people in various ways, maybe in various “religions”. but Jesus’ taught that, as the Son of God, He is the ONLY way to God. if Muslims and Jews claim to worship the same God of Abraham as the Christians do, yet they do not know the Son, then they do not know the Father.
    also, if (any of us) say that we know the Father, but we hate our brother, then we are liars and God has no part in us.
    God bless,

  36. hi samuel,

    please let’s not stoop to criticizing another’s grammar. especially when your own leaves much to be desired. (just read your post…. you can’t even spell… but how ridiculous i would be to use that as some sort of logical argument against you!?) i think you’re the one who criticized me for not capitalizing letters. sorry, it’s just my laziness coming out. i only feel prompted to capitalize the really important words like God.

    why don’t you ask yourself what Jesus did because of the “cause” that He believed in? He laid down His life of His own will for you and me (this He calls love, and i challenge you to dispute that? and find greater love somewhere else in history books?). He lived what He spoke. that’s why the people were amazed and said that He spoke with “authority”. He believed in God, He believed that He was going to suffer “hell” to pay the ransom and bear the guilt of your sins. maybe hell was a fiction? but He still believed in it and was still willing for it! an incredible individual indeed! how can you not love Him in return?

    in His death, we are reconciled with God. in His resurrection, we are saved and brought into a new life. many followers of Jesus, holding the same beliefs, were willing to die for it.

    perversions arose and people became murderers in the name of Christ. but is that what He taught? please point me to one fault in the life of Jesus Christ (other than your usual ‘delusional’ argument).

    may you someday know the joy of eternal treasures, where rust cannot corrupt and thieves cannot enter.

    take care,

  37. Um Pauljab I don’t critcize anyones grammer- nor is mine bad. I have no idea what you are talking about.

    For the same reason I don’t love other fanatics who have laid down their lives throughout history. Heck, the entire anarchist and communist movement was full of people working for humanity.

    Yuh the who God thing… yeah he doesn’t exist. I see your parents forgot to tell you that. You see it is actually your parents who bring the presents, not Santa. And the stuff God is supposed to do? Read a science and philosophy text- it may take a while.

    Eternal life is a great promise- on never delievered. You get to exist eternally, but you can only check if it is true once you die.

  38. they were laying down their lives for human kingdoms. Jesus said that His kingdom was NOT of this world, and He prevented His disciple Peter from using the sword.

    i quote you here, samuel, “You are implicatly saying reason, evidance, even clarity in grammer are irrelevant.”

    (BTW, you spelled grammar wrong.)

    my parents never lied to me about santa; you see, they were Christians.

    read a Bible–it may take awhile. i’ve already wasted most of my life reading science and philosophy texts. get practical? one thing. get REAL, and get a LIFE– much deeper!

    i don’t covet eternal life; i covet being with the One i love. it’s about love. any heathen could covet immortality.

  39. P.S. “implicatly”, “evidance”, “critcize”, “delievered”, and “pauljab” are also spelled wrong; i guess you pulled them out of your “grammer” book. i spare checking the rest of your text. guess you aren’t signing up for any grade 3 spelling bees soon?

    and what are you expecting when you “check things out” when you die? maybe you should apply the “only check it out once” warning to yourself; i’d say i’m taking safer path?

  40. There is much chance that there is a God as there is that Elvis is still alive. So as proof that there is a God, he would have Elvis visit me, while I was sober, awake and with witnesses. No, that wouldn’t work; there are too many good Elvis impersonators.

  41. Lol, indeed. Tell him to come with 2 pieces of identification :P.

  42. Might I add, PHOTO identification, at that. lol

  43. in these very postings, you fulfill prophecy.

    i will share a warning (it isn’t my warning): Gal 6:7-8 — Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. (NAS)

    yes, it is scientifically and historically possible that this was written by a delusional who believed himself inspired by an imaginary God.

    but what if it’s right? think a little before you post. tread lightly, perhaps, to play it safe? you might be writing curses all over your own eternal coffin.

  44. See the great thing about all this is I don’t believe in that stuff so I don’t have to worry about it happening. Thank you for your warning but I won’t need it.

  45. hello teenager,

    i’m very sorry that you are so self-sufficient. God-willing, life will break you down like it did me. i thought i was so smart and so strong. but God taught me otherwise.

    when you say that you don’t “need” Jesus’ warning, it’s just a different way of saying that you aren’t going to “heed” Jesus’ warning. if this is the case, then the people of Nineveh will rise as witnesses against you on the judgment day, because they listened to the warning of Jonah and they repented.

    p.s. i already told you that it isn’t “my” warning. i simply felt a slight obligation to pass the message along. if it doesn’t prick your heart, then your death speaks of itself, and the matter drops there. and you call that a “great thing”? you don’t “have to worry about it happening”… does that mean it isn’t going to happen!?

  46. I don’t have to worry about some stupid curse is what I’m saying because I don’t believe in that BS.

    And I’d like it if you would cease calling me teenager. It makes you seem like a pretentious asshole. You address others by their name on here so do the same with me. You’re not superior as you might think.

    Have a nice day.

  47. i would think “teenager” a more respectable title than “anonymous”, but have it your way.

  48. at least i’ve never called you an “asshole”. and for the record, i don’t know your name.

    and you still don’t understand the fallacy in your thinking. just because you don’t believe in judgment day, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. it just means you’re telling yourself not to worry about it because you don’t believe in it, that’s all.

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