Finally, proof of gods existance!

If you’re not a believer after seeing this then you’ll never be convinced. Even Dawkins would have no choice but to believe. I am now a believer!

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18 Responses

  1. […] mister zero wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  2. By that logic god meant for blow jobs and hand jobs to exist as well. Our fearless guide to al things evolutionary in this video should have modeled that one out.

  3. Well if god exists and ever shows himself I shall thank him for blow jobs. Every guy likes a good blow job.
    amiright 😛

    Can I hear an amen

  4. Well you can’t argue with logic. I mean if she weighs as much as a duck she must be made of wood.

  5. I wonder if they ever thought that the hand was made perfect to fit around a banana.

    Maybe god made humans… for the sole purpose of keeping the banana population in check.

  6. absolutely. praise zeus!

  7. However he doesn’t know that –

    “While the original bananas contained rather large seeds, triploid (and thus seedless) cultivars have been selected for human consumption. These are propagated asexually from offshoots of the plant.”

    So, the banana we eat is man made, as man-made God is.

  8. in response to the annon’s post

    YES we all do.

  9. Haha, good man :P.

  10. Possibly one of the most idiotic attempts at ‘proving’ intelligence design I have ever seen. What if, instead of bananas being made for us, perhaps we have been made for bananas? That is the first, cheapest and easiest rebuke to this kind of absurd logic. Diganta has pointed out another; the banana is a superb evolutionary adaptation for spreading the tree’s seeds. It has easily digestible flesh, its seeds were once very large and numerous, its peel splits open to ease the spread of seeds by the shit of the animals eating them. If this is the best that ID can come up with, we can all go home and take a well deserved evolutionary arrived at banana…or blowjob.

  11. Lol, thanks for your input :P.

    About your last point (banana…or blowjob.)
    Can we have both or one or the other?

    Also, I agree with you, this is a pretty stupid “proof.” I wonder if he was being serious or joking. I really hope the latter.

  12. Even Christians don’t like Way of the Master.
    Nobody likes Way of the Master.
    That clip is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

  13. So this guy was being serious?

  14. Serious as a heart attack, I’m afraid to say.

  15. To see more scary nutzoid shit… check out their website…

  16. Oh boy, I thought it was a joke. This is on so many different levels of sad.

    Thank you.

  17. It actually WAS sort of meant to be a joke. That’s why Kirk was laughing and Ray was being light-hearted. You might like these, but you have to watch the entire videos (which aren’t too long) to get the full effect so that nothing is taken out of context.

  18. Hey! I put 2 videos in my above post and one is gone. Do you guys censor here?

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