What happens when you die?

Although no one can no for certain what happens when you die what do you think happens when we pass?

I believe when we die, we cease to exist completely, no heavenly paradise, no promise of virgins, no nirvana, no hell. We just die and everything goes black.

The thing I find awesome about being an atheist is that you don’t have to worry about pleasing god or gods and going to hell. But Christians are damned anyways, the bible states that no ones ascends to heaven so they’re doing everything for nothing.

“And no man has ascended up to heaven, but He that came down from heaven, even the Son of man [Christ]” (John 3:13).

So, back to the question. What do you think happens when we die?

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17 Responses

  1. And yet you accuse Christians of taking verses out of context?

    I’m certainly not worried about my death or going to hell!

  2. You guys cherry pick which things out of the bible like crazy. And I don’t recall saying you take things out of context. Please show me.

  3. You lose the game for eternity.

  4. You die, and the structures that composed you begin to disintegrate. Your body loses its structure and its atoms begin to spread out into the universe, and your consciousness does much the same thing (via its atoms which humans haven’t discovered yet). These elements lose their inward focus, their preoccupation with one being and one time. Eventually each finds another being to be a part of, and the cycle starts again.

  5. John 3:13 does not teach that no one has ever seen or entered heaven. It teaches that no man ever climbed up into heaven by his own power. The only one who has ever ascended to heaven in His own strength is the One who originated in heaven and came down to earth before He ascended.

    Learn the Bilbe

    And no, I am not a practising Christian. But I do believe in quoting the intent as well as he statement.

  6. You can’t win the game :(.

  7. after your death , you will get rebirth in any of the form of a creature , according to the power of your spirit ,that you got by practicing in the present life. and the births are endless until you find the truth of yourself and universe. this thinks are so big yo discuss..

  8. hi, i believe that when you pass on( i don’t like the term die), your soul is released, and it goes to another world.(i am a psychic and believe there is an astral plane). I have seen with my own eyes the passed on spirits that have come back to ”visit”.I believe you have the right to come back and visit your loved ones and family, but aren’t allowed to remain here as your time has been and gone. If you take your own life, you go to another place and don’t have the privelige to visit the living for a long time. If your soul is disstrested it remains in termoil on the earth, the same if you are murdered.

  9. ‘…everything goes black…’

    How might that happen, I wonder?

    If this is what happens, it means we go out of existence as if we had never existed at all. So this mind and consciousness we seem to have, they would be finite, competely dependent on the continuation of the body. Everything we think and feel would have to be mechanically-generated. Our parents produce our minds when they conceive our bodies. Their minds must have been conceived by their own parents. And so on back ad infinitum. We must be born with blank slates for minds, but these are slates which start out white and end black – in fact the opposite of slates. If they are created in a way which means ultimately uncreated, then they cannot go out of existence either. So how are they wiped when we die? By whom? Where does the dust go?

    Assuming the universe is infinitely existent in time means that mind and consciousness have no first cause. And if they are without beginning they are of infinite duration, which means they do not go out of existence, even when the body dies. So they are not dependent on the body or on some kind of genetic inheritance.

    In that case mind and consciousness – the blackboard dust – must be somehow conserved among living entities. If so, then that means our actions in life have consequences. Everything may go black, but not for ever. Maybe not for long. Something comes after the blackness, and if not for ‘us’ as we know ourselves, then for someone else who also has the sense of ‘us’ and who has to live and make the best of the consequences of ‘us’. Someone really rather like us.

    If the universe is not infintely existent, then someone must have put mind and consciousness into the original creatures of the universe at its historic inception or creation. If so, then mind cannot be mechanically passed from generation to generation, because it is not inherent in beings, not theirs to create or destroy. What is theirs to create and destroy cannot be mind or consciousness. But if it is so that mind is uncreated, not ours to lose, how can that mind be destroyed when we die? It must have consequences beyond this life connected with the alleged creator.

    If mind goes black at death, the universe would supposedly continue to exist for everyone else in it who is still alive. Suppose some intergalactic virus wiped out every living being in the universe, or every living species simply lost interest in reproduction till there was no one left alive anywhere. Would the universe continue to exist although it had ‘gone black’ for every former critter in it? Matter does not, in a simple way, go out of existence, so would the material part of the universe continue to exist forever, with no one aware of it? If so, if the world continues to exist, then our former actions when we were alive – pollution, architecture, gardening, cooking – would continue to have consequences for the world even though they had no further consequences for ourselves any more, because there was no more ourselves or anyone else.

    So the idea that ’everything goes black’ leads to some awkward conclusions. The universe, which is created, and subject to causes and effects, would be indestructible and continue to exist. But mind, which is uncreated, though subject to causes and effects, would vanish. Our actions would have consequences on the fabric of the world, but how we feel about that is up to ourselves alone, because the universe is eternal and mind is only relative. For the latter reason we need not concern ourselves much with our effect on other living beings either.

    Then where do human minds get their imagination, in the sense of their fear of death and their instinct for the transcendental, which is supposedly is not a quality, feature or characteristic of mind and therefore ought to be unthinkable?

  10. The above is full of invalid assumptions and speculation.
    How’s this: the experience of being dead after living is exactly the same as before living. Remember what it was like before you were born? That’s what it’s like after you die.

  11. I believe that when we die, we become what we were before we were born — there will simply be no US…no existence whatsoever. Nothing bad about that if you think about it. Where were you all those billions (perhaps trillions) of years before you were born? Didn’t hurt, did it?

  12. Most of these posts are based on conjecture. “I believe” can be anything the mind can imagine, and will usually be something we happen to like. What if God wanted us to know Him, and came down here Himself to tell us. Why not read the four original accounts of the life of Jesus Christ and decide for yourself whether or not he was God. If he was, then everything he said about life, death and the afterlife are true. If not, then you can rest assured the truth is unknowable. However, truth stands alone, it doesn’t depend on who believes it or what one thinks of the truth teller.

  13. I’m surprised that all of a sudden there seem to be other Christians on here… Where are you on the other post eh?

    Now As you know Madman, I believe that Christians will go to Heaven, and non-Christians to Hell. I have to say that isn’t wuite accurate but it is the exact same end effect. Enough said.

    Please in ther future do not misquote the Bible… You’re fastidious in all the other quotations I’ve seen on here, so please take the same care in this subject.

    I have to ask… Is that verse and your interpretation of it one of your main arguments in favour of the stupidity of Christians?

  14. lol, this is funny i agree completely. The qoute is just awesome. 🙂

  15. God is the universe’s biggest dictator, and religion is just a publicity stunt

  16. .with no brain usage…we’r not much superor 2 any aminal, ‘cept da way we talk n think…..n even cats n things, have lil feeling…just les evolvd .correct me if im wrong but da bible or tora doesnt say creatures go 2 heaven …but if were sorta like em, y woud we? a quiet disextance woud be Ok 4 me, especally considerin much of da time in dis life span i am looking 4 sum peice of mind in my room n with music, not in clubs n partys …..so dis…so its close ..also plz i am dyslexic so dont get bothered by my speling

  17. Atheists believe that God does not exist. Well, I don’t believe in you. Does that mean you don’t exist? If you If you tried to explain Physics to a frog, it couldn’t comprehend it because it doesn’t have the ability to. That doesn’t mean the laws of physics don’t exist. If you threw water, syrup, sugar, paint, and aluminum up in the air and waited for thousands, even millions of years, it will never eventually become a can of cola. Similarly, if you view a picture of a tree by water, it didn’t simply form on the canvas one day. An artist had to put it there. Nothingness doesn’t eventually form a universe. Nothing forms nothing. What about chirality? It’s impossible for chirality to just “evolve”. It takes a lot of faith to believe in atheism. You need to have faith that what you believe is correct. It it’s not, you don’t want to find that out when you die. Death is irreversible, and you would have made the biggest, most serious mistake of your life – for all eternity.

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