Bishop criticises gay community

From the article;

He added that there was a “huge and well-orchestrated conspiracy” taking place, which the Catholic community had missed.

What do they mean conspiracy? The evil gay over lords are conspiring to turn them all into raging homosexuals? Please. They should realize that it’s not something they can control, and if their God is the one who put us all here then he put them here too, as gays.

Calum Irving, the director of Stonewall Scotland, which promotes equality and justice for gay people, said Bishop Devine’s comments were delusional and offensive.

“delusional,” what do you expect from a guy that thinks God is real?

“Fortunately most Scots and many Christians do believe in equality, dignity and respect and reject the very dark and cynical view of Scotland the bishop seeks to portray.”

I guess some people are still living under a rock in the dark ages. I’m lookin’ at you Mr. Bishop of Motherwell!

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4 Responses

  1. “they’re god?”

    Learn how to use grammar.

  2. Lol, my bad.
    I’m only human. We make mistakes :).

  3. It’s alright :P.

  4. He’s delusional only if he’s wrong.

    I’m going to clarify something for the benefit of anyone who cares here… Catholics are NOT IN ANY WAY Christian! Please, I know you didn’t make that assumption, but I’m reasonably sure you don’t see a difference…

    Also, as a Christian, I have nothing against homosexual people. Notice I didn’t say “gay” – Gay means happy, and I think happy is a wonderful thing.

    As a Christian I have everything against homosexuality as a practice or philosophy. The Bible condems the sin of homosexuals, not the person, if they repent.

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