If you’re gay, you need a spank!

Alrighty, so this is an awesome, awesome video. If your child is gay, remember to spank them. Side effects? They might turn into a raging crazy person. Here’s an example..

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6 Responses

  1. His mother made quite an astute observation there. I’ll tell ya I was about 5 minutes from being a flaming queer myself, but a good tanning from the strap set me right. An been on the straight an narrow ever since.

  2. Brilliant! I knew my mom must have done something wrong for me to turn out gay.

  3. Not enough spankings as a kid :P.

  4. Wow. Does this guy do parties?

  5. There is no freaking way this guy is serious.

    No way.

    I mean, seriously, the car part… rofl.

  6. That guy has some serious problems… he’s obviously hitting himself because he mistakenly feels that will ‘cure’ him of his gay-ness… He needs to realize, as does everyone else, being gay is just as natural as being straight.

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