Make your own God.

If you were the one to invent God (I feel this is going to get some crazy Christians to say no one invented God because he’s actually a real thing), how would you portray him? Would you make him evil or would you make him nice and loving?

I’d start off by making him nice, obviously. Who would really want an evil God that would want people murdered who didn’t follow his rules?

To make it easier for people to believe I’d set something to be “God” like a statue or something. It would be much easier to prove that he’s there because, well… It’s actually there and not some invisible being like the one people currently believe in.

I would make a heaven, but not a hell. Why would a nice God want people to be damned to the pits of hell for all eternity? Doesn’t seem like a guy I’d like to meet at all!

I would have a set of rules, kind of like they currently have but minus a few. Obviously not to kill another person would be one of them. I definitely would not make it a sin to be gay.

Now I’d like all of you to complete this God. Whatever you feel needs to be added leave as a comment. Be serious, please. Nothing bad :P.

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4 Responses

  1. Well to begin with I would love if this God whether a He or She or It be a visible God.I think people need to see something tangible in order to believe,not everyone but some people.If He were visible it might restore faith back in to those who have nothing to hold onto in times of need.As for Hell I personally don’t believe there is such a place so if there is and if I were created my own God , your right,this place would not exist.I think to much emphasis when it comes to the fear factor has been placed in the Church.Everything is a sin these days and honestly I would create a God that places very little emphasis on fear and more on love,understanding of peoples ways.I would make a God where the common place things you do are not a sin.I mean I would not destroy the whole order of the masses by saying there are no laws.I mean you can’t go around murdering people,marriage is still sacred and kindness to your neighbor and all that but no strict doctrines like they have now.That’s why I don’t believe in the Church because they have become a powerhouse of disillusionment.Sorry that’s the way I feel.I say make this God the same as everyone else.Let him walk around the earth like a prophet and look up to him and learn from him.

  2. Seems like a perfect God and a little like I would make it.
    Thanks for your reply.

  3. I find it really interesting to see how non-Christians see God. I don’t really get much of a chance for this because I only have one friend who isn’t a Christian.. Nice guy by the way. With that said I think you should really take time to learn about your options, and not people OPINIONS about the options. That’s a main part of why I’m here, I find it interesting to learn people’s arguments against Christian’s, and because it makes it easier to defend myself.

    P.S. If that were a real god, I tihnk you would have a hit with the masses.

  4. Oh I’m sorry I forgot to say this – God did walk around Earth as a prophet so people could look up to Him and learn from Him… Today is what it is even though that happened, because often people just don’t care. They want to be their own boss and that’s that.

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