I’m not going to pee sitting down!

Lol, I found this video funny so thought I would share with you guys. This guy’s another lunatic.

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7 Responses

  1. Does this guy even know what he is talking about?Can we say that methamphetamines destroy the neuroligical centers of the brain.LOL.And by the way I lived in Germany and that’s not true.I was young mind you but never have seen a sign in anyone’s washroom that says that.This guy is so full of shit that I think him and George Bush would make an excellent couple.

  2. Hallelujah! One day men everywhere will be able to piss standing up.

  3. what a dumb ass! at first i really thought it was George Bush talking!!!! im sure this SOB snorts his breakfast!! can you say INSECURE about his manhood? i think he’s just a closet homo who just discovered he likes boys pee pees!! or maybe his son just came out and he’s freaking out about it……..anyway he went on a pissing tirade for some odd reason…………i cant stand “religious” freaks, (mostly ministers and priests or any other fanatical ass) who down every gay person or every sin and then are picked up for molesting the damn choir boys! the devil has a special place in hell for those fuckers!

  4. Amen brotha!

    I have a dream… Where atheists and Christians can piss together!

  5. I pee sitting down at home and at friend’s homes. Stand up in public bathrooms.

  6. Lol, I only piss sitting down when I’m really tired. Or after I pop some X with my friends. Other than that I stand up.

  7. Omg.. lol.. what is he talking about? maybe it’s just an excuse for him to go to the toilet..

    Lol! This so funny >.< nice shot.


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