I’m not going to pee sitting down!

Lol, I found this video funny so thought I would share with you guys. This guy’s another lunatic.

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Bible version of Fitna.

Here is the bible version of the controversial movie “Fitna.” This one is called “Schism.”


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Wisconsin Parents Didn’t Expect Daughter to Die During Prayer

Just a little follow up about the girl who died because her parents were negligent, crazy religious people.

From the article;

Her mother, Leilani Neumann, told The Associated Press that she never expected her daughter, whom she called Kara, to die. The family believes in the Bible, and it says healing comes from God, but they are not crazy, religious people, she said.

Uh, sorry to burst you bubble little lady but healing comes from trained doctors. You know, the kind you find at HOSPITALS? Where you refused to take your precious daughter because you thought your God would help you and her? Maybe you would have known it was terminal if you weren’t a moron and took her to get help. You crazy, religious person, you!

“We are remaining strong for our children,” she said. “Only our faith in God is giving us strength at this time.”

I would find it hard to have faith after praying to God (The same God she’s talking about up there) and my daughter dies. That would tell me a little something. I would get my head out of my ass and realize that he’s not helping. If anything God is the reason your daughter died, he’s a murderer. He blindsided you into thinking he could help, so you refused to take your daughter to a professional. Fuck God and fuck you.

Leilani Neumann said the family is not worried about a police investigation into her daughter’s death because “our lives are in God’s hands. We know we did not do anything criminal. We know we did the best for our daughter we knew how to do.”

Yes, I’m sure it’s comforting to put your life in Gods hands after he just took your daughters life. You didn’t do the best for your daughter or she would be ALIVE AND WELL you ignorant cunts. The best, as I said would have been to go see a damn doctor.

Vergin said he expect the investigation to wrap up by Friday and the findings to be forwarded to the district attorney to review for possible charges.

I really, truly hope these criminals get locked up. They deserve more and worse, but jail will suffice.

Mrs. Neumann said she deeply loves all her children and has nurtured them spiritually, emotionally and physically.

All I can and will say is, no you don’t.

“Our lives are in God’s hands and whatever we go through we are just going to trust him,” she said. “We need healing. We are going through the healing process.”


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Do we need religion to make good decisions?

In response to an article I read earlier;

I don’t think you need religion to make good decisions, if you can’t make good decisions on your own, without religion then you have no head of your own. Also, I don’t think religion helps make good decisions, I highly doubt 9/11 was a good decision, nor the crusades.

I’m an Atheist (like the person who wrote the article) and I make fine decisions on my own, no religion telling me what’s right and wrong, I know what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s common sense. I don’t need a religion to tell me not to murder people.

I think I follow Christian values better than many Christians do.

I think this is a really good point and I’d think so to.

Without religion I could do what I want without worrying if I’m pleasing Jesus or God.

What do you guys think? Does religion influence the decisions you make?

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Do your part.

In ridding the world of the scum that is L. Ron Hubbard. This is going to be short and to the point. I promise I’ll write something new starting Monday, I’m just on school break and I don’t feel like spending my break doing this :P.

I was clearing books out today and I saw two books from L. Ron Hubbard, I was supposed to keep them but decided to throw them out. No one needs to know that name. Also two bibles went in the garbage… Did I jynx myself? Am I going to “hell” for blasphemy? Is god going to strike me down with great vengeance? Will the people from the dangerous cult come harass me for insulting their master? Will xenu come kick my ass?

Please, enlighten me!

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What makes you so sure there is a God?

This is to the believers who read my blog, if any.

If indeed God existed don’t you think he would at least let everyone know? There’s already a bible saying he exists, so why now is he hiding from everyone? Is he ashamed of the world he “created?” It only takes a quick visit and everyone would have no choice but to believe. It wouldn’t take much on his part, but no, he decides to stay away.

There is no hard evidence that he exists, but there is evidence of evolution. Wouldn’t you think that is more rational than some magician in the sky who created this huge earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th?

If you believe in God then you must believe in pixies, right? I hope so. There’s no evidence that they’re around, just like God. Maybe if someone wrote a big book about them being the creators of the earth and got some people to preach it people would start believing in invisible pixies also?

You guys have been brainwashed, why can’t you think on your own, use your own head instead of getting sucked into the most popular fiction novel? The bible.

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What would it take to make an Atheist believe in God?

I was stumbling and happened to stumble on this site. It basically asks what it would take to make an Atheist believe in God.

My answer, as an Atheist is evidence. Evidence that a God exists or ever existed. There is none, at all. The bible proves nothing either, all it proves is some loony wrote a bunch of nonsense a long time ago and people got brainwashed (which is what religion is all about, brainwashing you to believe their views and only theirs). If someone can post hard evidence that God exists then I’ll gladly change my views about God, and I don’t mean your prayers got answered because that doesn’t necessarily mean divine intervention, it means coincidence.

I’d like to hear your views. What would make you believe in God (if you’re an atheist)?

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Atheism: A Rough History Of Disbelief

Not for people with bad internet… Seriously.

  • Episode 1 – Part 1

  • Episode 1- Part 2

  • Episode 1 – Part 3

  • Episode 1 – Part 4

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