Imagine. Use your head a little.

Imagine one day that a portal opened in front of you. For whatever reason, you decide to step through it.
You find yourself in another world, everything is different, everyone speaks another language.
You begin to learn the ways of this world. It’s everything you’ve ever hoped for.
One day you meet a person. This person shows you more of the world than you thought you knew.
You and this person fall in love. You promise to spend every day of the rest of your lives together.
You know you will love each other forever.

Suddenly you awake in your own bed, your old home, your old life.
What you previously experienced was real, you know for a fact; There is photographic and material evidence.
You are haunted by the person you once knew. They speak to you in dreams.
You begin to forget specific events. Other memories seem to be permanently engraved in your mind.
Eventually you move on with life, carrying out your day to day tasks with a half smile.
You resign to the fact that this other world may be forever beyond your reach.
And perhaps it’s for the best. Such a fantastic world can only be one of dreams.
And the heartache of loss echoes deeply.

Days and days go by.
Years go by.
You never forget the love or the sadness caused by it.

Without warning, the same portal appears again. You can almost hear the voice of your former lover.
And your heart trembles with the freshly awakened feeling of impending loss.

Would you enter?

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